Do you have to write SSAT to get into Brentwood? I wonder how this school compares to some of the top private schools in Ontario?
-Smartypants   10/24/2008 10:04:48 PM

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No, you don't HAVE TO write SSAT but the score helps you get in. You will love Brentwood. We have pride and we have brain. We ranked 2nd best private school in Canada. We go to universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, medical schools in the U.K., Ivy Leagues, etc. I love the unique boarding experience.
-jessie.oh   10/31/2008 9:38:38 PM

Thank you for your response.
Is there any entrance exam they have to write then? or no.....
I assume interviews are required.
I wish they put up more pictures of the campus here.
-oht789   11/1/2008 8:20:39 AM

Yes, you do write an entrance exam(I don't know for the other grades.. I was in grade 11 entering grade 12). However, if you have a great SSAT or SAT score, you can be exempted from the entrance exam(as far as I know.. check out to make sure :).
Interviews are required. You will find the interview very smooth and intense at the same time. I actually LOVED the interview. You get to tour around the school on the day of the interview. I am sure you will love our school's view. You can see the ocean from every classroom in our school!
-jessie.oh   11/2/2008 10:28:15 PM

Thank you jessie,
It seems like you are really liking the school. That's great! Was Brentwood the only school you applied to?

-Smartypants   11/4/2008 1:30:20 PM

Yes, I only applied to Brentwood. I was considering Shawnigan Lake School and St. Michael's but liked Brentwood the best. (I visited all-three) So I was all-in for Brentwood.
If you are considering for Brentwood next year, you should start applying soon. I heard that the admission's office is already very busy! My brother applied last week and got interview for 21st of November(I guess he got interview faster than the others because he has a sister who goes here-me).
I think the best part about Brentwood is that everyone in this school has at least one talent, and they are serious.
The classes are really intense and we have different sets for different levels.
Before I came to Brentwood, I used to worry about my marks going down because I used to go to a public school and got like 99% in Chemistry and Physics. I find here a little more challenging than the public school but the university recognizes our school and if you work hard, you can always get good grades. :)
Seriously, I just wish I came here earlier!
-jessie.oh   11/8/2008 6:17:17 PM