How to Apply

Parts of the Application

Application Form and Fee

Most schools require families to complete an application form either in print or online through the individual school’s website. Families will need to provide information about the student’s living situation, citizenship, current school, and family members. In many cases, an application fee is required as part of the admissions process. These range from $50—$200.

Academic Information

Parents will need to submit their child’s most recent report card or transcript. Some schools require additional end-of-year report cards or from the past one or two years. If the child has taken a standardized test or educational assessment in his or her current school, he or she may also be required to submit those results.

Reference Letters

Most schools require one or more reference letters from teachers, counsellors, or principals at the student's current school. The Confidential School Report is a standard form that some schools require instead of reference letters. This form must be completed by the student’s principal or teacher, who will send it directly to the private school admissions office.

Personal Questionnaire

Some schools require that the students complete a personal questionnaire. Questions may involve students’ interests, hobbies, goals, strengths and weaknesses, and reasons for applying to the particular private school.

Students should write these in their own words and provide as much detail as possible, editing carefully for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Admissions Test

Most schools require students to write an admissions test as part of their application to assess their academic strengths and weaknesses. Many schools design their own admissions tests and schedule these individually with each applicant; others require students to write the SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), a standardized exam for grades 5-11 administered world-wide. Detailed information about preparing and registering for this test can be found here.


Many schools require students to conduct a formal campus visit and an interview with the admissions officer. This gives the school and opportunity to meet each prospective applicant face-to-face. Interviewers often ask about the student’s current school, extra-curricular activities, goals, and reasons for applying to the specific private school. Students should dress neatly, conduct themselves politely, and be prepared to elaborate upon their answers.

Supplementary Documents

Families may be required to submit other supplementary documents as part of the application, including copies of birth certificates, passports, or other proof of citizenship. International students may be required to submit a copy of their Canadian study visa. Some schools additionally ask students to submit a writing sample or a school assignment of which they are particularly proud.

The Application Process

Application Steps

  • Arrange a school visit or attend an Open House.
  • Submit a completed application form, application fee, student profile, and required documents by the deadline.
  • Contact a principal/teacher for reference letters or a Confidential School Report.
  • Arrange to write an admissions test or the SSAT.
  • Arrange an interview and/or campus tour with the admissions office.