UTS Admissions

University of Toronto Schools (UTS) has a rigorous two-stage admissions process for students entering into Grade 7. 98% of students entering UTS will do so into Grade 7. Admission to other grades is based on space available.

Grade 7 Admissions

  • Stage 1 consists of the SSAT plus a completed online application form, student questionnaire, and school supplement submitted by the Dec. 1 deadline. Students may write the SSAT after the application deadline.
  • Out of the roughly 600 Stage 1 applicants each year, 100 boys and 100 girls are invited to Stage 2 of the application. This consists of a 40-minute math exam, a 20-minute interview, and a possible 20-minute essay.
  • Based on their Stage 2 results, the admissions officers will send offers of admission to 55 girls and 55 boys whom they feel are top candidates to attend UTS.

Many families ask if UTS has a “cut-off” SSAT score in order to proceed to Stage 2. Because each year’s pool of applicants is different, the lowest SSAT scores accepted will vary. In general, students should aim to score in the mid-high 1900s in order to be considered competitive.

Grade 9-11 Admissions

  • Students must write the SSAT and submit the online application form, student questionnaire, school supplement, and recommendation letters by Feb. 1.
  • Based on transcripts and SSAT results in the 85th percentile or above, select students will be invited for a 20-30 minute interview.
  • Offers of admission will be granted based on space available.