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Oakwood Academy

Oakwood Academy, East Mississauga, ON Oakwood Academy, East Mississauga, ON Oakwood Academy, East Mississauga, ON
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Oakwood Academy - School Information

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Oakwood Academy
155 Queen St. 
East Mississauga, ON 
L5G 1N2 

Phone: 905-486-1035 


School Information:

Gender: Co-Ed
School Size: 30
Grades: JK-8

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General Information

Description: Oakwood Academy is an independent school that is committed to serving the growing need for individualized education. Our uniquely designed curriculum has been developed specifically for students who are not reaching their full potential in ordinary classrooms. We are aware that each child has particular strengths and goals, and offer an individualized curriculum which focuses on strengthening core developmental capacities that serve as a necessary foundation for academic and social success.

We utilize the The Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based (DIR®) Model which is a framework that encompasses a child’s social, emotional and intellectual capacities rather than focusing on discrete skills and solitary behaviours. In order to build a strong developmental foundation, we immerse students in experiences that are rich in opportunities to think and problem solve, relate to others and communicate effectively. Additionally, we spend time understanding each student’s unique sensory profile and motivation, in order to help them overcome learning road blocks and so that they may be successful in their school environment. Wherever a child is in their development, we feel that building a sense of self is an integral part of education. It is our goal that children will first develop a strong foundation of social and emotional skills so that they can engage in meaningful and secure relationships to foster growth in all cognitive areas. The teachers at Oakwood understand that a student who feels respected and understood, will build social and emotional confidence and will have increased success in the classroom with all learning goals.

Oakwood Academy recognizes the importance of collaborating with a variety of professionals and works as a multidisciplinary team. We are committed to professional development and are proud of our dedicated efforts to ensuring up to date, relevant and comprehensive education for our team of teachers. The educational choices we make for our students are based upon their needs, so our program continues to evolve and grow as our students do. As a result, our curriculum is beyond “standard” and we far exceed the level of support a student would receive in a traditional classroom.

At Oakwood, parents are considered an essential part of our team and are encouraged to provide valuable input on their child’s interests and goals. Parent communication is a priority of ours, and we feel it is critical for the progress of each student.

Our integrated therapies such as music, yoga, speech and occupational therapy are incorporated to ensure a comprehensive approach that will provide a complete education atypical of traditional schools. Students will engage in experiences to help them develop and master skills that go beyond the classroom and generalize into the social world. Oakwood Academy is truly a unique place where all students are celebrated and can experience success!
Year Founded: 2007


  • Basketball   
  • Gymnastics   
  • Karate   
  • Sensory Gym   
  • Skating   
  • Soccer   
  • Swimming   
  • Yoga   
  • Art club   
  • Astronomy Club   
  • Construction club   
  • Cooking   
  • Dance club   
  • Gardening club   
  • Martial arts   
  • Micro-Machines   
  • Newspaper   
  • Outdoor club   
  • Photography club   
    Arts and Media:
  • Dance   
  • Drama   
  • Fine Arts   
  • Music therapy   

    Day School Tuition: $21,000 - $47,000

    Interview Required: No
    SSAT Required: No