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Meadow Montessori School

Meadow Montessori School
11391 Dartford Street 
Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 1V6 

Phone: 604-465-3492 
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Gender: Co-Ed
Grades: K-12
Boarding: No


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Are you looking for an alternative, affordable educational environment that emphasizes independent learning while better preparing your child for their future? At Maple Ridge's Meadow Montessori school our students are engaged in their learning and leave with a secure foundation for successful transition to further studies. Independence, confidence, self-discipline, creativity, and a passion for discovery are qualities that distinguish Montessori students. When students learn from their personal experiences, they own the knowledge they have gained. Our mission at Meadow Montessori is to create a community environment that fosters children?s social, ethical and intellectual development. Our small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio ensure quality education. Located in the historic Hammond area of Maple Ridge, Meadow Montessori is a non-profit society run by an elected parent board and guided by our Principal. The society was established in 1985 and we offer a high quality traditional Montessori education for Preschool and Elementary (K-5). Our directresses are widely educated, combining Montessori training, E.C.E. certification, first aid?and in the elementary classroom?either Independent or BC teacher certification. The purpose of the Montessori Method is to provide a positive and unlimited opportunity for children to learn in their own individual way and at their own level. The unique Montessori materials are designed to assist children in the development of a sense of order, co-ordination, concentration, independence and self-confidence. Lessons are given individually, and in small groups, after which the children are encouraged to work with these materials independently. Every student has an individualized program allowing them to learn and grow to their utmost potential. Our Montessori Preschool introduces the child to the Montessori Method and materials suited to their age group. This gives the child a foundation in Montessori learning, preparing the child for later education. Our Montessori Kindergarten provides an opportunity for the consolidation of acquired skills, the development of leadership abilities and the necessary social skills for work and co-operation with group projects. Our Montessori Elementary program follows the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education, although the children often exceed these levels due to the unique materials used and the method that allows the child to work at their own level and ability. All students take part in Music classes providing the opportunity to learn and make music in an atmosphere of enjoyment and exploration. Preschool students also take Creative Movement classes once per week with the objective being to improve gross motor skills and co-ordination and to instill an appreciation for the art of dance. Our goal at Meadow Montessori is to help your child develop: - Respect for self and others - Respect for the environment, classroom and our world - Good work habits to last throughout their lives - Positive attitude and enthusiasm - Social skills At Meadow Montessori, all children learn at their own pace through guided exploration. The habits and skills developed in our Montessori classroom remain for a lifetime, providing an excellent foundation for your child?s continued education.

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School Size: 50


Interview Required: No
SSAT Required: No