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Riverbend Academy

Riverbend Academy
2436 Gideon Drive 
Delaware, ON  N0L 1E0 

Phone: 519-652-0052 
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School Information:

Gender: Co-Ed
Grades: K-12
Boarding: No


Annual Tuition Fee (Day):
$5,175 - $12,750

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Riverbend Academy was founded in 2014 by Yvette and Derek Graystone as a place for children who want to learn in a tolerant, exciting, innovative, and safe environment. An independent, private school located in Delaware, 10 minutes west of London, Ontario on 7.8 acres, Riverbend Academy provides excellence in academics for boy and girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. A secular school, Riverbend Academy does not discriminate ? welcoming students willing to put forth his or her best effort in pursuit of the passion that fuels their creativity, curiosity, and thirst for lifelong learning. Academic achievement is a priority at Riverbend Academy but is tempered with the belief that a happy adult must be prepared for more than school exams. Riverbend Academy`s programs prepare students with life skills, emotional intelligence, physical fitness, confidence, and morality to be equipped to overcome obstacles, and not just prevail but prosper with joy. Using the world-respected Ontario Curriculum as our core, we augmented that with Skills for a Successful Life, the Virtues Project, Aikido, and a nutritious lunch program cooked fresh daily by our on-site chef. Our goal is to ensure our students are not only prepared for their University applications but also have the tools and skills to have a happy successful life. Riverbend Academy puts a strong emphasis on the moral and ethical behaviour of its students. We hold the belief that happiness in life can only be achieved by being the best person you can be and helping others achieve their goals. We grow by helping others grow. We are successful when we help others achieve their success. Just as we are creating lifelong learners, we are creating lifelong givers. Always prepared for life?s challenges, Riverbend Academy students rise above adversity and make a difference in the world.
Year Founded: 2014
Campus Size: 8 acres

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School Size: 18
Number of Boarding Students: 0
Number of Day Students: 18
Day Grades: JK-12
Enrollment By Grade:
Entry into Grade: Number of Students Admitted:

  • Dance   
  • Lego   
  • Math   
  • RC   
  • Robotics   
  • Science   

  • Admissions

    Application Deadline (Day): Rolling
    Interview Required: No
    SSAT Required: No
    Application Requirements: Riverbend Academy wants to ensure that all students are successful and happy in their school environment. To that end, we have designed the application process to make certain that the school is right for the student. Please review the information on the website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You are also encouraged to arrange a tour of the school. Once you decide that Riverbend Academy is a good fit for your child, you can begin the application process by completing the Admission Application Form and attaching all relevant documents as described in the application form. Once we have had an opportunity to review your application, we will contact you for an interview and visit to the school if you have not already booked a tour. At the interview, we would also like the opportunity to talk to your child and hear in his or her words about their experiences at school and why they would like to come to Riverbend Academy. After a successful interview, and if your child is still excited about the opportunity to attend Riverbend Academy, we will provide you with an enrollment package.

    Admission Entry Points
    Day School Entry Points:
    Entry into Grade: Number of Students Admitted:
    JK0] SK[2] 1[0] 2[1] 3[0] 4[0] 5[7] 6[2] 7[5] 8[1