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Kings Ridge Montessori

Kings Ridge Montessori
30 Tatton Court, Building-T 
King City, ON  L7B 0N7 

Phone: 905-833-5522 
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Gender: Co-Ed
Grades: Age 0.5-6
Boarding: No


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King's Ridge Montessori is committed to follow the Montessori method, created by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. With a revolutionary approach, Dr. Maria Montessori complemented her students' persistent focus by allowing them to become accustomed to ample free exploration and hands-on learning as her classroom's norm. She chose to embrace the unique learning styles and habits that each pupil displayed from one day into the next, catering to instinctive patterns while helping each student perfect uniquely personal study strategies. Today, Montessori students experience abstract concepts beyond traditional public school objectives alongside the core educational pillars of Mathematics, Language, Sensorial Awareness, Cultural Education and Practical Life. Instruction focuses on childhood's formative role in sound adult development, focused on processes of observation, ample individual liberty, and environmental awareness. Teachers move smoothly among their students, not so much dispensing facts for memorization as offering gentle suggestions and helping students become accustomed to teaching themselves. At King's Ridge Montessori, our main goal is to offer the most nurturing and enriching program for children throughout the first six years of their lives, the age they are more eager to learn by exploring. Our Mission We, at King's Ridge Montessori, have the mission to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment to inspire an individualized lifelong love of learning in every student, every day.
Year Founded: 2017

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