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Canada Star Secondary School

Canada Star Secondary School
11295 Mellis Drive 
Richmond, BC  V6X 1L8 

Phone: 604-285-7766 
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School Information:

Gender: Co-Ed
Grades: 8-12
Boarding: No


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Our goal at Canada Star Secondary School is to develop students into leaders and teach them the knowledge that will be beneficial perpetually. As a private school, we offer small classes, and this gives every student plenty of opportunities to shine. Canada Star Secondary School offers complete grade 10 - 12 courses for credits. In order to ensure the quality of learning, we have teacher assistants to offer extra help after school everyday. Other than the credit courses, we provide other courses such as: computer science, fencing, golfing, music, art, math contests, AP courses, volunteering opportunities and much more.
Year Founded: 2013

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School Size: 100
Number of Boarding Students: 0
Boarding Grades: 0
Number of Day Students: 114
Day Grades: 8 - 12

Advanced Placement Classes (AP):
  • We provide after-school AP preparation courses for several AP courses throughout the year.   

  • Admissions

    Interview Required: Yes
    SSAT Required: No