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Agora Prep Academy

Agora Prep Academy
126 Wellington St W #103 
Aurora, ON  L4G 2N9 

Phone: 1-888-524-6725 
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School Information:

Gender: Co-Ed
Grades: 1-12
Boarding: No


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Agora Prep Academy is a unique, leading-edge preparatory environment that inspires the student to engage in their learning. Agora Prep adheres to the Canadian Ministry Curriculum Guidelines and implements a unique strategy to allow children to interact and engage with the content being taught. Through harnessing the innate and natural curiousity of children, Agora Prep Academy optimizes education using the "Distributed Collective" mode of learning. Harvard professor Richard Elmore developed this theory and it is taught in Harvard University as part of the "Leadership in Learning" course for educators and changemakers.

Distributed collective is the main underlying principle behind our pedagogy. According to this philosophy, learning is based on the identification of children's interests and the idea that everyone is capable of learning outside of hierarchical frameworks. Common priorities, respect and cooperation among members of the community are key to the success of this mode of learning.

What makes us different. Non-Traditional Learning Environment, Flexible Seating, Outdoor Education, Interest Based, and 21st Century Skills. We specialize in children with all abilities including autism, gifted, MID, ODD, OCD, ADD, ADhD and all other learning disabilities as well bullied and displaced students.
Year Founded: 2020

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Agora Prep Academy, Aurora, ON Agora Prep Academy, Aurora, ON Agora Prep Academy, Aurora, ON
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