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Branksome Hall

Branksome Hall
10 Elm Avenue 
Toronto, ON  M4W 1N4 

Phone: 416-920-6265 ext. 268 
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School Information:

Gender: All-Girls
Grades: JK-12
Boarding: Yes


Annual Tuition Fee (Day):
$35,700 - $39,200
Annual Tuition Fee (Boarding):
$69,000 - $72,500
Financial Assistance:
Up to 50% of tuition available to students in Grade 7 and higher. Merit scholarships to entering students, ranging from $1,000 to $15,000.

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Each day, Branksome Hall challenges and inspires girls to love learning and to shape a better world. An International Baccalaureate World School, Branksome Hall is a leading independent university preparatory school with day and boarding programs for girls. Established in 1903, Branksome Hall is a welcoming community in the heart of Toronto, Canada. We are committed to a liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and values diverse perspectives. The International Baccalaureate curriculum is followed at all grade levels, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. The IB programs offered at Branksome Hall are designed for all students seeking an exceptional education that leads to university studies. Students are encouraged to ask questions in order to become knowledgeable, and they are taught the tools to become critical thinkers and effective communicators. Through the IB, a girl can develop her capacity to be highly motivated, reflective, caring and globally minded. Other program strengths include an International Languages Program, an International Student Exchange Program with 16 partner schools worldwide, including Branksome Hall Asia in South Korea, and international community service opportunities in Costa Rica and South Africa. Branksome offers more than 50 athletic teams and as many clubs. Student leadership and community service are highly important. Our graduates are welcomed by the leading universities in Canada and around the world, most with significant scholarships.
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Year Founded: 1903
Religious Affiliation: Non-Religious
Endowment: $20,009,978
Campus Size: 13 acres

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Branksome Hall, Toronto, ON Branksome Hall, Toronto, ON Branksome Hall, Toronto, ON
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School Size: 880
Number of Boarding Students: 56
Boarding Grades: 7-12
Number of Day Students: 844
Day Grades: JK-12

IB Program:
  • Bengali HL   
  • Biology HL   
  • Biology SL   
  • Cantonese SL   
  • Chemistry HL   
  • Chemistry SL   
  • Chinese A SL   
  • Dutch SL   
  • Economics HL   
  • Economics SL   
  • English A HL   
  • English A SL   
  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL   
  • Film HL   
  • Film SL   
  • French A SL   
  • French B HL   
  • French B SL   
  • Geography HL   
  • Geography SL   
  • German A HL   
  • German A SL   
  • History HL   
  • History SL   
  • Korean A SL   
  • Latin SL   
  • Math Studies SL   
  • Mathematics HL   
  • Mathematics SL   
  • Music HL   
  • Music SL   
  • Physics HL   
  • Physics SL   
  • Russian A HL   
  • Spanish A HL   
  • Spanish A SL   
  • Spanish Ab. SL   
  • Spanish B HL   
  • Spanish B SL   
  • Sport and Exercise Science SL   
  • Theatre Arts HL   
  • Theatre Arts SL   
  • Theory of Knowledge ToK   
  • Visual Arts HL   
  • Visual Arts SL   
  • Alpine Ski Racing   
  • Alpine Skiing   
  • Badminton   
  • Baseball   
  • Basketball   
  • Crew   
  • Cross-Country Running   
  • Field Hockey   
  • Ice Hockey   
  • Snowboarding   
  • Soccer   
  • Softball   
  • Swimming   
  • Tennis   
  • Track and Field   
  • Ultimate Frisbee   
  • Volleyball   
  • Amnesty International   
  • Animal Rights Club   
  • Astronomy   
  • Chess Club   
  • Classics Club   
  • Community Service   
  • Computer Club   
  • Debate Club   
  • Diversity Club   
  • Environmental Club   
  • Food Council   
  • Foreign Language Clubs   
  • International Clubs   
  • Investment Club   
  • Literary Magazine   
  • Model UN   
  • Newspaper   
  • Peer Counseling   
  • Peer Tutoring   
  • Photography   
  • Science Bowl   
  • Sexualities Clubs   
  • Student Activities   
  • Student Government   
  • Student Publications   
  • Yearbook   
  • Yoga    
    Arts and Media:
  • Art Club   
  • Brass Ensemble   
  • Chamber Choir   
  • Chamber Ensemble   
  • Chamber Orchestra   
  • Choir   
  • Choral Music   
  • Dance   
  • Drama Club   
  • Guitar Ensemble   
  • Jazz Ensemble   
  • Rock Band   
  • Stage Band   
  • String Ensemble   
  • Tech Crew   
  • Theatre or Drama    

  • Admissions

    Application Deadline (Day): December 4, 2015
    Application Deadline (Boarding): Rolling
    Interview Required: Yes
    SSAT Required: Yes
    Application Requirements: 1. Completion of online application:
    2. Submit final report cards from two previous years, as well as interim reports from the current year.
    4. Student Profile Questions: Grade 4 to 12
    3. Assessments: JK to Grade 3 assessment ?Playdates?; Grade 4 to 6: standardized test. Grade 7 & 8 Portfolio Presentation of graded school work during interview; Grades 9 to 12: SSAT

    Admission Entry Points
    Day School Entry Points:
    Entry into Grade: Number of Students Admitted:
    JK to Grade 11Varies Grade to Grade
    JK14 openings
    SK4 openings
    Grade 114-16 openings
    Grade 22-4 openings
    Grade 32-4 openings
    Grade 42-4 openings
    Grade 52-4 openings
    Grade 62-4 openings
    Grade 740-44 openings
    Grade 84-8 openings
    Grade 918-22 openings
    Grade 1010-15 openings
    Grade 118-12 openings
    Grade 120 openings
    Boarding School Entry Points:
    Entry into Grade: Number of Students Admitted: