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St. Peter’s ACHS College School

St. Peter’s ACHS College School
6101 County Rd. #20 
Amherstburg, ON  N0R 1G0 

Phone: 1-888-832-8121 
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School Information:

Gender: All-Boys
Grades: 1-8


Annual Tuition Fee (Day):
$11,400 - $13,000
Annual Tuition Fee (Boarding):
$21,400 - $29,000
Financial Assistance:
4000 5000 10000 scholarship and bursary

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Established in 1990, St. Peter's ACHS College School is Private Academic Sports School for boys grades 2-8 that recently relocated to Amherstburg Ontario. Situated on 6.7 acres with a 27,000 sq. feet campus, our school services both day and residential students. Our school offers a broad and challenging program unlike any other, whereby every student has an individual education plan and works at their own level and pace. This approach ensures that, no student is left behind, equally none is held back. With our interactive approach to education, small class sizes, promotion of physical exercise, leadership development and a program designed to promote self-discipline, we prepare our students not only for the rigors of high school, but also for the real world outside of school.
Year Founded: 1990
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Campus Size: 7 acres

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School Size: 14
Number of Boarding Students: 3
Boarding Grades: 2-8
Number of Day Students: 12
Day Grades: 2-8
Enrollment By Grade:
Entry into Grade: Number of Students Admitted:
2 1
4 1
5 3
6 6
7 2
8 2

  • Hockey   
  • basketball   
  • canoeing   
  • cross country   
  • kayaking   
  • skiing   
  • snowboarding   
  • soccer   
  • swimming   
  • track   
  • Chess   
    Arts and Media:
  • Band   

  • Admissions

    Acceptance Rates: 200
    Interview Required: Yes
    SSAT Required: No